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Nokia rolls out E6 and X7

Yesterday Nokia rolled out two new handsets E6 and X7.  This will be available in stores Q2 2011.  They will be powered by the new Symbian OS, Symbian^3 or now known as Anna.

The E6 follows on the form factor of the popular E71/72.    The same keyboard but with a capacitive LCD touchscreen.   Nice things include support for nearly all the different types of GSM and 3G.  The fixed focus 8MP camera comes with a dual LED flash and torch function.  Fixed Focus Duh!

So far most of the news website are covering the hardware functions and looks.  I wonder how does the new Symbian “Anna” feels like.  My current E71 Symbian performance is a bit uneven in some areas.  Large text font does not always shows up as large, especially for in HTML email readers.

Is it worth upgrading to this model?  Applications that are I considered to critical, UCWEB and Garmin XT are going to break on the new OS.  I could use Nokia Maps to replace Garmin XT, UCWeb I will have wait till a new version is released.

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