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Good bye 2010, hello 2011

Happy New Year!!!

2010 was a very challenging year for me, the failing struggle to adapt to a end user environment steeped in bureaucratic procedures, to changing jobs and getting stiffed by HR.

Well, all were not lost, as I won air tickets to Japan, got to see how things are really run in a security agency works (24hrs’ CTU is really FOS), the headaches in PC migration.

For the second time in 3 years I get to change, a core switch and for a bonus, user access switche and two racks.

Next year to setup a functioning DR center with a recovery time in a day, rather than weeks. On the family side, go home early to spend more time with the kids and wifey. Run more than 2 races.

Enough of me rambling, enjoy your long weekend safely.

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