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Mother of all birthday parties, well sort of.

Just finished the biennial barbeque.  It is also a way to celebrate all the November babies birthdays.  Lets count them, children, nephew, Mother and me.

Just like the last time, we ended up with a abundance of food, which is not too bad.  Especially most of it are going to end up inside me. The remaining pack of charcoal grew to two packs, which is bad.

What is “biennial”?  Every two years duh.

Hmm may be if we do it every year we might get better at planning this?

  1. Defrost the satay! From this excellent supplier.
  2. The otah though not frozen needs more time to cook. link
  3. Curry is a waste of time.
  4. Same goes for prawns.
  5. Prepare some kids friendly dishes!
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