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How to mould your mooncakes.

After making several batches of mooncakes, I have learn a few important tips, that I thought it should be shared.

1 Mooncake mould
2 soup bowls.  The size of the bowl should be larger than the mould cavity.
2 large dinner plate, flat with no ridges.
Weighing scales.
Fill one soup bowl with filling and the other with rice flour.

Follow the post on Mooncake recipe to prepare the dough. Portion out balls of 20 gm of dough and balls of 20 gm of filling.  Dust one dinner plate with rice flour to prevent the mooncake from sticking.

On another plate, spoon about a teaspoon of rice flour onto the center of the plate.  Place a ball of the  dough on the flour.  Place a ball of the filling on the dough.  Using the filling, flatten out the dough.  Take the sides of the dough and completely cover the filling.  Roll the ball around in rice flour until the surface is matt or not shiny. Make sure the filling is totally covered by the dough.

Spoon a teaspoon of rice flour in the cavity of the mould.  Shake the mould sideways to ensure the rice flour is spread evenly.  Invert over the bowl of rice flour to remove the excess.

Take the ball of dough and filling and press into the mould firmly.  You make need to press on the bottom to ensure the sides are properly formed. The 40gm ball should fill 80% of the cavity.  Do not fill it completely or the mooncake will not come out.

Slap the mould on an open palm.  Just like slapping a foldable Chinese fan, except hold the mould horizontal and still.  Wait for the mooncake to fall out of the mould into your palm.  Place the mooncake on the other dusted dinner plate.

Repeat.  Store completed mooncakes in the fridge boxed.

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