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I have messed around with different themes for the blog, some successful, some turned out to be really bad for me.

The magicblue look great with its snazzy banner of blue and white lines.  Somehow I feel it can be better, especially since I want to migrate my photoblogs off Douglas Bowman’s Photo Gallery.  Photo Gallery is now stucked on Movable Type 3.31 because it is so complex to migrate.

Some of the WordPress’s photoblog themes I tried include AutofocusPlus, snapshot, ThemememeAperio.  Some how they don’t click with me or may be my photos are too badly taken to be stretched to 800×600.

I was reading Mr Myagi RSS feed when I accidentally open his web page.  Hmm looks nice.  The theme is The Erudite.  Looks ok with all the recent posts tiled on the home page.  Some things like the use of serifs and really small text is calling out to me to tweak it and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out the CSS document.

I guess I will leave it until I can’t stand it anymore.  Now about the photoblogs .. .. . .. .

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