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Moving from one smartphone to another.

I was using an Sony Ericsson P1  smartphone.  It is based on the Symbian UIQ 3.0.  It takes some getting used to, soft buttons, applications that are always lurking around, crappy video, great picures etc.

An opportunity arrived and I moved to a Nokia E71, another Symbian device, an S60 3.1.  Similar roots but the quality in the software is way different.  Nokia’s “Human Connection” touch is there to make a smooth transition.  Video is still horrible, pictures quality got worst, but I manage to find the stuff that I need faster.

What if you need to move from an iPhone to an Android?  From Apple’s famed tight control over integration and usability to an any thing goes open sourced OS?

Check out this article on LifeHacker.  It sums up some of the important bits.


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