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The battle of the smartphones.

Everyone knows that iPhone by Apple is very popular.  You can see people doing stuff on it while on the train, and I personally saw this, on a date.

I came across this post on Google’s Buzz which I find it quite interesting.

It’s also no secret that the other hot brand at the moment is Apple. In particular the iPhone, and the new iPad. This is particularly obvious in Australia, where it seems you are the odd one out if you don’t have an iPhone. But just how many are they moving? Well according to RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky (source:, Apple is now moving over 200,000 iPads, along with 246,000 iPhones, and a combined total of 110,000 Macs… per week. Excluding the iPod (figures are hard to find), Apple’s total weekly sales of all it’s major devices is just over 550,000.

Android, in cellphones alone, is over 700,000 per week.


Seems that the Android powered phones are really zooming up the chart. link

Both phones have captured the interests of the jaded smartphone users and at the same time creating a new revenue stream, selling phone applications.  iPhone through the iTunes store and Android the App Market deliver little programs or Apps that performs a wide variety of functions.  Play a wood wind instrument, eating guide, games etc.

There is only a catch.  The user have to spend a lot of time using the phone.

I have neither phone, currently a Nokia E71 user.  I was extremely surprised that I could not send a vCard aka business card to an iPhone user via SMS.  Onfurther research it seems that that function is not available (1.1.4) and similarly on Andriod.   This list of iPhone apps can sooth the pain somewhat. Hmm

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