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Managing your research.

Every now and then I look for a solution to a problem. Along the way, I collect a bunch of files and URL links, which I think are useful.

For example, I used to keep a PST full of these stuff and related notes. This was tedious as web pages copy pasted into Outlook 2003 don’t survive well. Links strangely has a habit expiring. I subsequently upgraded the process to save everything as PDF files stored into a tree of folders.

For example, Technical/Microsoft/Doc for all the multitude of 6 digit support documents. Microsoft/Whitepaper for documents from Download. So on for the long list of vendors that I deal with.

Looking for the right article is the good old OS Find or a desktop search software.

A workable solution. In Slashdot’s article on taking notes in lectures, I came across Zotero. It is a citation plugin for Firefox. It is commonly used by researches to keep track of their citations and bibliography.

Zotero has the capability to snapshot the webpage and store a local copy. It can also handle individual files, but the importing of metadata is very basic. There are modules that can be added to work with Microsoft Word, so that you insert the citations and bibliography.

Now I can write my disaster recovery paper with all the citations included.


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