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Nokia E71 and a computerless sync Part Duex

I wrote about syncing your data without a computer before. After a particularly tragic loss of my Nokia E71, syncing to the cloud seems to be well really useful.

Your data is available where ever you go. That is provided Google does their data backup / replication diligently. Once you have a replacement device, all you have to sync to download all the contacts, calendar and you are back in business. Except for the photos and the SMSes. Need to figure out a fix for that.

I have tried the latest Mail For Exchange, version 3.0. Claims to be HTML compatible. Strange software. It works well for calendar and contacts but it sync peculiarly for mail. The folders in Google are downloaded but the mails are not. What gives?

Any way, back to version 2.09 or 2.9 for continuity of service and more head scratching for HTML mails and photo backup. Note Google mail app cannot write its status to the home page or scheduled sync.

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