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Philidelphia Cheesecake.

Waiting for the results of my second attempt at the Key Lime Cheesecake. The first attempt I literally followed the instructions to the letter. It was so sweet that my eyes nearly popped out.

This time round half the portion of condensed milk.

Update 15 Jan
After 3 days of waiting for the cake to ‘settle’, it tastes less sweet as the first round, but can be better.  I wonder if it was due to the sweetened creamer instead of sweetened condensed milk.  The crust needs lots of improvement.  The biscuits were not totally converted to powder causing a very flaky crust.
Need lots more butter too.  Third time lucky?

Update 17 Jan
Passed have the cake to Father and Brother.  They did not find it too sweet.  Father though was wondering where is the cake in the cheesecake.  Hmmmm

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