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First Hash run of the new year

On New Year’s Day, I decided to go hashing, the first time in a few years.  Since it was a Friday, that means it is the Lion City Hash House Harriers.

The run site was at the Bukit Batok Nature Reserve Car park.  When I reached there, it was 5.15pm.  I thought was going to play catch up when peer through the pouring rain to see an empty car park.

Great! that means the run has not started.  The green truck of happiness is there,  that means I am at the right place.  A quick check with the driver reveals the run starts at 6pm.   I did a quick drive around the neighbourhood to see I can buy a baseball cap.  To keep the rain mixed with sweat out of my eyes.  Since the neighbourhood has more condos than flats, that turn out to be a non starter.

Mad Chinaman was the AGM and the run started off in the park, heading steadily uphill.  Nice views of the lake and cliffs.  The pack reached the top at the Lorong Sesuai near the base of the war memorial and the broadcasting station.

Down the steep slope of Lorong Sesuai and leep off into the under growth to Upper Bukit Timah road.  Loop backwards against the flow of traffic towards go across Old Jurong Road.  Into the grass verge behind the houses.  Emerge to cross Jalan Jurong Kechil.  Run up to the houses to Jalan Kakatua.

Run westward into the extremely forested area.  In this small hillock bounded by roads, there are streams in there!.  After numerous uphill and downhill, we came out on Toh Tuck Road.

Thereafter is a slow jog back to Bukit Batok Ave 2, with a stop of shoe wash at Bukit Batok St 25.

It was a very good run.  Lots of places to sprint, hills, mud and water.  My socks took 3 changes of water to clean out!  The water started from dark chocolate to light rusty brown.

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