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What I learn from watching Korean soap / serials

1.  The lighting level is the same for dining and sleeping.  The use of the magical Hollywood blue light seems to be missing.

2. Korean handphones don’t have silent or mute mode.  They can’t be even be switched off.  The only way is to take out the battery.

3. Everyone forms up a receiving line  at the door in the morning and in the evening for the head of the family.

4. The daughter in law gives up a promising career to become a maid.

5. There is a magical potion for hangover.

6. Do Koreans bow more than the Japanese?

7. The driver of the car can pull over at any time.

8. For any kind of ailments, please visit the hospital. This could be a translation problem.

9. Job titles and positions seems to matter a great deal.

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