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Lotus Notes Internet mail with HTML formatting

Do you love processing your email in HTML format?  I know I do, the fonts are easier on the eye,  table columns stay where they are suppose to be.  Important points are highlighted etc.  Not to mention long line chewing hyper links are embedded, hidden away.

Users on Outlook/Exchange have it easier, most of this comes default out of the box.

Lotus Notes, well is a bit different.  The common setting for Internet mail is “HTML/ Plain Text”.   According to Notes Help is the best setting for compatibility.  What it means is that it will send Notes mail with HTML formatting, Internet mail in plain text.  To get the Notes client, you will need to set it “HTML only”.  Yes, that is correct this is a local setting.  No administrator required.  Power in your hands thing.  Where is it?

File, Tools, Preferences, User Preferences.  In the pop window, select Mail, Internet.  On the right side, under “Sending Internet Mail”, change “Internet mail format” field from “HTML/Plain Text” to “HTML only”.

Note if you are going through a drawn out process of migrating from Notes to Exchange/Outlook,  this setting becomes critical.  Users generally expect to be able to send internal emails with rich text formatting.  Even though in reality that mail is travelling out of one email world to another.

Enjoy your colors.