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Installing iSCSI MPIO

Thanks to the economic climate, the iSCSI or poor man’s SAN is popular choice.  Configuring it for a one to one connection is simple using the defaults.

Now for a multi path setup, where every server has two HBA connecting to two switches and on to the SAN. Things don’t look simple any more.

To connect the server to the iSCSI SAN storage, there are three main steps. Note in some organizations, there are dedicated SAN admins and system admins, you may need to book a time slot for both of them.

Firstly, you need to logon to the SAN, in the iSCSI initiator software, Discovery tab, enter your SAN IP addresses.

Secondly, on the SAN you should be able to see your server’s connection. Map the server to the appropriate volume/s.

Thirdly, back to the server, in the iSCSI initiator software, Targets tab, click on Logon and enter the server HBA IP address and the target IP address.  Repeat for all combinations.

On the same Targets tab, click on the Details button to view all the Multi path and  disks.

This is an excellent starter guide. For complex setup, this is very good. Link

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