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Outlook 2007 Free/Busy and Exchange 2003

This has been bugging me for the longest time.  I noticed that when a user is created on Exchange 2003, other users with Outlook 2007 cannot see the Free/Busy status.

It have always showed up as hashed, eg unavailable.  Previouly I have fixed this by going to a station with Outlook 2003 installed and login to the account.  So it got to be something Outlook 2007 needs but Exchange 2003 does not provide.

Recently I got a chance to fix it.  Created a new user in Exchange 2003, checked.  In my Outlook 2007 , the user status appeared as hashed.  I went over to the user station with Outlook 2007 installed, send me an invitation.  I accepted it  and the status still showed hashed.

I restarted my Outlook using ClearFreeBusy and I can see the status now.  Some times its the simplest of things.

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