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Death in the family

This is more of a follow up from the previous post. This post is done retroactively, eg I change the posting date to the time of death.

My mother passed away today, after a two-year fight with cervical cancer. She underwent a hysterectomy and was in the clear for a year. Last year about the same time, a tumour was discovered and the cancer specialist recommended surgical removal.

The surgeon was unable to remove as the tumour was sitting too near nerves and blood vessels. So he made a bypass to “make her comfortable” and “buy time”. This was later followed up with rounds and rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. This was not successful and her condition deteriorated considerably in December 2008.

Looking back, cancer even though does not affect the brain, cancer and chemotherapy changed her psychologically. She became short-tempered, irritable later forgetful. The old memories came rushing back on this last day.

On the last day, she could not be woken up for breakfast and the staff gave her an oxygen feed, which made her more alert. Thinking it was one of the usual phases, we went back to work.

She stopped breathing at 12 Dec 08, at about 12 noon.

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