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Farewell Palm

After nearly 10 years of use, from the Palm Pilot 1000 to the Professional to finally Palm Vx, I have given up on the Palm Computing devices and moved on. The straw that broke the camel back was the Palm Vx mad digitizer. After numerous attempts using software to correct it, the problem progressively got worse.

Look at the market, the era of a disconnected PDA is over. I don’t think there were any significant models released in 2007. All PDAs’ are now merged with a cell phone. So it is now time to make a move. A quick review of Palm Computing’s lineup convinced me that the Palm platform is dead.

The next two choices are Windows Mobile or Symbian. An HTC phone is really pricey, keeping in mind the cost of losing one. A telco was offering the Sony Ericsson P1i at a nice figure of S$488 for a monthly plan of $25/-

On 30 Dec 2007, I signed that up for a relative to the use and kept the phone 🙂

The P1i looks quite well build and most of the stuff is there, eg mail, tasks etc. I need a database to keep my lists of carpark rates and baby changing rooms. Looks like I may have to move to Excel or QuickSheet.

What I really need to get used to all this stuff is going into my Outlook.

Now something to store my passwords …. hmmm

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