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Patching ISA 2004

Ever tried patching an ISA server? Not as easy as other application servers. Recently I had an interesting experience on patching an ISA 2004 server. So I am documenting this down for everyone and myself.

1. ISA 2004 CD
2. OS CD

1. Run a full backup.
2. Using ISA backup function, run a backup of the configuration.
3. Document the network objects.
4. Document the routes using “route print”
5. Document the IP configuration of all the interfaces. This is very important.

1. Close all windows and kick out all administrators.
2. Install ISA latest patch, currently version 3.
3. Install Operating System patch.
4. Windowsupdate.

If you encounter problems with installing the patch, check out this blog entry

If you encounter Event ID 14096, with a description “Failed to read server publishing rules. Location. Internal error. Storage might be corrupted. ” The Microsoft Firewall service in the Services panel could not be started. The solution is to reinstall the ISA application using the data collected above. This is the fastest solution compared to fixing the Storage.

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