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The journey to being certified MCSE 2003

The journey to being certified. MCSE 2003

The paper that I am currently embarking on is a mouthful of a name “Planning and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure.” Hmm, why can’t they have simpler names?

This paper covers stuff like DHCP, DNS, Clustering, Security etc. With the exception of Clustering and some bits of Active Directory, the rest are covered in a previous paper, “Managing & Maintaining an MS Win Server 2003 Environment”. I finished studying that quite early before the exam date. On the day of the exam, I forgot some of the more rarely used features and had a hard time answering the questions.

So now I have to plan for an exam date and time to finish reading through the e-book about a week before the exam. That should be sweet.

Thereafter two more Active Directory paper, one workstation and I am all done. I finished the Electives, Microsoft Exchange server quite some time ago, helped by the fact I look at the interface every day!

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