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IE 7 test drive

After an interesting experience with a user’s IE7, I thought it will be fruitful to do some test driving myself.

Installed the final version of Internet Explorer 7, it took a long time as it was running a check for malicious software


Looks different, a cleaner user interface. The biggest change is the tabbed browser windows, very much like Netscape and Firefox. Favourites and history stumped me for a while, finally realised that subfolder I have to click to expand.

The famous padlock icon on the status bar located way down at the bottom of the window has been moved to the top next to the address bar. When an SSL session is in progress, it is situated next to the Refresh icon.

IE7 comes with a built-in RSS reader. The other RSS readers never got through the ISA2000 firewall. Well, a quick test with The Gadgeteer website shows it is able to download the feeds.

A really cool feature is a Search feature and custom search provider. You configure to search Google or Yahoo other than the default Windows Live. The cool part is that you can add the search engine of any website as a custom provider. Let’s say you do a lot of searches in Technet, Wikipedia or even your Intranet search engine. Just follow the link “Find more provider”, the instructions on the web page on how to create custom provider and you are done!

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