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How not to run a national IT project

Slashdot has an article on the Biggest IT Disaster Ever. This is on the National Healthcare Service or NHS’s project called National Programme for IT, or NPfIT. Some call it “sleepwalking toward disaster”.The aim is “an electronic care record for patients and to connect 30,000 GPs to 300 hospitals, providing secure and audited access to these records by authorised health professionals”. I guess they don’t believe in starting small.

I have been under specialist care at a large local hospital (SG) for the past 20 years. My records are in a file about an inch thick. My “data growth” is already at minimal since the specialist for the annual review only adds about 5 lines.

Some posters on Slashdot have pointed having the following keywords in any project is a warning sign for a disaster.

management consultant
Computer Sciences Corp.
in the world

I tend to agree, transform, comprehensive, leading-edge are usually bad for government projects.

Read more about it here Prescription for an I.T. Disaster? and on Wiki

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