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Error on Technet documentation

Well, it isn’t an everyday event that one finds an error on Microsoft Technet web page. I thought I share it here. This is on the Exchange 2003 pre and post SP2 behaviour for the DS Proxy module which provides address book service for the Outlook clients.

The table illustrating the behaviour post SP2 and the results of the new ranking algorithm do not match the descriptive text.


The descriptive text.

In this example, Exchange Server provides the UserDomain global catalog servers to the Outlook clients (in a sequential manner to load-balance requests) because those global catalog servers have a greater point calculation than the Exchange Domain global catalog servers.

Check it out here.

I thought hmm, strange. Dropped a note to MS. Lets see what happens.

Update. 16 Nov 06
“From: Microsoft Contact US [] Sent: Thu 16-Nov-06 5:10 PM
To: Alfred Loo
Subject: RE:’RTCProd=013-747-087′ Error in the table of Exchange Directory Service Proxy

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This is Cherlene and I am writing in response to the error you reported on the “Directory Service Proxy” article.

We have shared this with our documentation team, and they are working on an update. You may want to visit the site occasionally to see if there is any development.

Again, we greatly appreciate the time you spent in reporting this error to us.

If you have other concerns, please feel free to send us another e-mail.

Thank you,

Microsoft Online Customer Service Representative

If you have any feedback about your Online Customer Service experience, please e-mail my
manager, Ivy Rabago, at”

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