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Casino Royale

This is supposed to be a reboot of the entire Bond franchise, with Daniel Craig as the new Bond after Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan.

Without leaking any spoilers, this movie is quite different from the usual Bond movies.

It is much more physical Bond, longer fistfights and gasps he actually kills! A change from the Bond movies of late has gotten so high tech that it is almost antiseptic. Usually, some hi-tech widget kills remotely and cleanly. This time around those hi-tech widgets are there but very much in the background.

Craig looks like well as someone puts it “looks a construction worker, but gets the job done.” There were some efforts on the make up crew to shoehorn Craig into the Bond role. During close up shots, you can see Craig being a blonde (no pun intended), dyed his hair brownish.

Overall a breath of fresh air to the whole Bond franchise.

My first movie review in a long time.

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