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July 5, 2008

Mass Import into Movable Type 4 is now broken

I was planning to go live when I remembered I still have a bunch of photos to publish. An excellent opportunity to test mass import into the blog. That gave me a shock

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May 16, 2008

Test drive MovableType 4.1 and plugins

Testing Ccode anti-spam plug in. Add in a custom tag into the comments template and copy contents of obfuscator.js into the Javascript template. Tried posting a few sample comments and trackbacks. So far so good. Now to wait for spam.

The Ccode can be downloaded here.

May 15, 2008

Movable Type 4 test drive.

Installed MovableType ver 4.1 on a separate path for testing. There seems to be a lot more files than version 3. The FTP job took like forever to complete.

The end result is a much revamped look of MovableType. Like a breath of fresh air.

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June 15, 2007

Feedback and spam

That's it!!! I have enough of spammers hitting my blog with invitations to buy/see/use various stuff.

Comments and trackbacks are now disabled. You can reach me at my email address. See about me. Sorry ;,,,,(

February 23, 2007

Using Picasa's export to html function

Using Picasa's export to html function, to import files into Movable Type. If you have sorted your pictures in Picasa into folders and these folders have names that matches your Movable Type categories, it is going to be a breeze.

Otherwise you have to modify the templates to cater for the difference in names. It is always eaiser to change a path in a template (x1), compared to changing a path in the output of the template (can be xx times).

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February 22, 2007

How to do a mass import of files into Movable Type

For MT 3 users. MT4 users go here.

It is easy posting a single entry into your spanking new Photo Gallery blog. Just a few mouse clicks and your picture is for all the world to view. But what if you have lots and lots of pictures?

This is a continuing article on how to install, configure Photo Gallery plug-in version 1.7 on Movable Type 3.3

Photo Gallery plug-in automates the installation of Douglas Bowman's custom templates.

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How to create a Photo Blog.

After some 4 months of late night slogging and going through my entire collection of swear words several times, I got my photo blog or photoblog up.

It is based on Douglas Bowman of Stopdesign templates. They are really beautiful.

Why you should check this out?
1. It protects your images
2. Your pictures are kept in galleries and they are in turned linked up at the index.
3. You tag description with your photos.
4. Beautiful

When you can't use this.
1. Storage space. For every picture you upload, it generates another image and a thumbnail. So space may become an issue.
2. It is eaiser to use Picasa et al, export to html function.

Getting it to work is another different story.

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