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What to do if your E00.log is missing

Sometimes the Exchange server hiccups or your antivirus software decided that one of the precious transaction log file contains a Netsky virus. Then end result is the same. Exchange store is dismounted. Remounting it only says a certain log file is missing. What to do? There are plenty of websites showing the solution. This serves as my bookmark.

1. Check if the database is a clean shutdown mode.
Run eseutil /mh . This 10 second job will most probably say something in the top 10 lines "Dirty Shutdown".

2. Run Recovery to force a clean shutdown. Note this will replay logs.
eseutil /r e00 will perform a soft recovery. If this is still not successful, a decision has to be made.

a. Restore from tape. Recommended
b. Repair database using eseutil /p

a. Restore the database from tape. This should be from an online backup. Restore will take about 2 to 3 hours. Replay the logs by running eseutil /cc

b. Repairing the database using eseutil. This can take up to several hours. For example a 17GB database can take up 5 hours for the repair job, another 4 hours to defrag and 4 hours to do an integrity check. Note the repair job appears to hang at "deleting unicode fixup table" can take a few hours. Monitor using Task Manager.


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