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SPUG server is down

SPUG- Server down

Update 23 Nov 06
A spugger managed to get someone to sponsor a server. Not too sure if it is going to be a new or pre-loved model.

Its been down since 27 Oct 06. This is the third time due to hardware failure. hmm sad. It have a really rocking forums site. I understand it is going to be replaced by a new 1U server. The only problem is getting sponsors.

Palm has been quite low profile of late, so I wonder if any help will be forth coming.

Update 15 Jun 07
Spug is up again, but with a different address. It is now at www.spug.sg. Wonder of all wonders all the postings are there going back to 2005. I wonder if the 8 month plus of forum discussions are going to be merged together.


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