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June 20, 2007

Disaster Recovery and backup software

Prepping two server to demonstrate disaster recovery using Veritas Intelligent Disaster Recovery. Based on track record, not very optimistic but never say die!

Read more for update.

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PCI-e and PCI-X

PCI-E or PCI-Express is the smallish version whereas PCI-X is the larger and older cousin. Most definitely not physically compatible. Recently I was asked to install a tape drive and its SCSI card into a server. The server specs lists both PCI-e and PCI-X on the front page. Digging into detailed specs shows PCI-X is an option.

PCI-X is a parallel implementation of the PCI standard, slowly being phased out in favour of the serial version of PCI. That is PCI-Express.

Stuff like this can trip you up.

June 19, 2007

Outlook OST problems.

OST files are what was known as offline folders. These contain replicas of the mailbox on the server so as to allow offline viewing. If the OST file were to be corrupted, usually by a bad shutdown. Don't waste time trying to repair the OST file.

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66.6% success rate on getting my letters published.

Published on the Straits Times Forum page that is. It was fifty fifty until my latest letter on the SAF got printed. They normally notify you that your letter is going to print but this time round no calls or SMS. Hmm may be I should start writing more often.

June 16, 2007

Automatic Updates does not work

Recently I found out the hard way that you need to regularly install the patches downloaded by Automatic Updates. Strangely when I decided to click on the yellow shield to install, it kept stuck at "Initializing installation". I have seen this before.

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A tip on troubleshooting a very sluggish computer

Recently my computer suddenly became very slow. The SVCHOST service will start and consume some 80 to 100% of CPU and RAM shot up to 80K++

I made a temp fix by killing the SVCHOST process from Task Manager, which in turn stops my Workstation service. Not good. Survived for a few weeks. Until I sat down one evening to check it out.

SVCHOST is a service that is connecting to the network. One possibly it was corrupted by a virus eg Nimda or Spybot. I know is neither as my network interface is not blinking. Some forums suggested using Sysinternals (now a Microsoft company) Process Explorer.

I installed it and guess who is using SVCHOST?

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June 15, 2007

What to do if your E00.log is missing

Sometimes the Exchange server hiccups or your antivirus software decided that one of the precious transaction log file contains a Netsky virus. Then end result is the same. Exchange store is dismounted. Remounting it only says a certain log file is missing. What to do? There are plenty of websites showing the solution. This serves as my bookmark.

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Feedback and spam

That's it!!! I have enough of spammers hitting my blog with invitations to buy/see/use various stuff.

Comments and trackbacks are now disabled. You can reach me at my email address. See about me. Sorry ;,,,,(

SPUG server is down

SPUG- Server down

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