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Service Desk

Help desk or as Tom Cruise's character in Vanilla Sky calls it, Tech Support! This is the integral part of any IT services, or more precisely the integral heart.

My first post on ITIL.

All other IT services at one point or the other will need the Service Desk.

Scenario 1
User requests for new computer. The IMAC call is logged with Service Desk, and a ticket is issued to the Deployment team. The vendor delivers the PC and is configured. Deployment team updates Service Desk, to liaise with user for a timeslot.

Scenario 2
Customer requests for a change to the firewall rules. The IMAC is logged with Service Desk and assigned to the Network team. The assignee completes and updates the Configuration Database and Operations team. Customer tests and case is closed.

As you can see from the scenarios above, service desk serves as a linch pin of all IT service management processes. At the same time they are also the most stressed out people as they have to face the users and their related stress.


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