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Managing customers

Just finished doing a project for an office. Simple cabling project to run the cables on one day, cutover the users on the next. As in all IT projects, sometimes technical issues are not the problem.

The cabling vendor was confident that everything inclusive of cutover can be done in a day. When the users, a very small handful are out to lunch, switch them over to the new LAN points.

Alas, the manager found and was really hmm, livid. Demanded to know why we deviated from the plan, etc. The rest anonymized.

So good intentions came to nought.

When we trying to close up on the work done. The manager wanted to see the cables that were retreived. Since we are paying for the cables to be retrieved, so it has to be somewhere right? Interesting point why didn't I think of that? Duh.

Morale of the story
If you have good intentions, remember to keep the customer up to date what you plan to do. They may not always agree.

Cabling retreival works need to be closely supervised or better, photographed.


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