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Athena's Birthday

Athena's birthday is in end of November, so out of the school calendar year. After nearly six months of watching her classmates having birthday celebrations, it would be mean not to let her have her moment in the limelight.

So after Sunday breakfast, we set out to explore the bakeries. Most require a 3 day period to order. One bakery's selection have cakes in the shape of the numeral digit. These are 2 kg in weight, ie big and takes 3 days to order. Lots of cream, don't think she will like it.

Her celebration is tomorrow, which means we have to get her a COTS, Commercial Off The Shelf. After reviewing several choices to the exasperation of mother, we got one with lots of chocolate trimmings. Being a fussy eater, if she does not like the cake, she can always eat the trimmings. Her and rest of the world favourite chocolate. Hmmmm

I had a strange feeling that she is going to want to have the cake today instead of tomorrow. Bingo, in the evening, she was clamouring to cut the cake. So I drop by the newly opened bakery located across our estate.

We turned off the houselights and placed the cake on a chair in the kitchen. So as not to wake up Ted and for damage control. Lit the candles and turn off the lights. Athena was overjoyed and blew out the candles. Took the plastic knife and started chopping like a pro. She used the spoon and started on the chocolate icing.

She could not stop smiling. That 5 dollar cake definitely was value for money.


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