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Death in the Family

Death in the family

6 degrees of seperation?

6 degrees of seperation

Death in the family

Death in the family


HFMD epidemic in Singapore

Chinese New Year reunion dinner

Mother is not strong enough to do the cooking. Wifey has volunteered to stand in. After a bit of head scratching and taking a leaf from the outsourcing book. I suggested it might be a better idea if wifey cooks...

Employing a domestic helper

Talk to anyone about this topic, everyone has a horror story. Well I have mine for nearly a month now. So far so good, if you set your expectations low and give detailed instructions....

Holiday 2007

This year we checked out Swissotel Stamford. The room has a king size bed and throw in a cot, lots of space for the kids. Ted had a great time switching off and on all the lights in the room....


holiday in Singapore

Ted starts walking

Ted starts walking.

Athena's Birthday

Celebrated Athena's birthday earlier so that she can have her turn in the limelight..

Hari Raya Puasa celebration

Took Ted to a colleagues' Hari Raya Celebration. Every year, to celebrate the Malay New Year, big do is organised at her house. Her family will invite all the relatives, friends and colleagues over for lunch or dinner. Everyone would...