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Mass Import into Movable Type 4 is now broken

Mass import for Movable Type 4 does not work

Test drive MovableType 4.1 and plugins

Test drive ccode

Movable Type 4 test drive.

Test drive Movabletype 4.

Using Picasa's export to html function

Using Picasa's export to html function, to import files into Movable Type. If you have sorted your pictures in Picasa into folders and these folders have names that matches your Movable Type categories, it is going to be a breeze....

How to do a mass import of files into Movable Type

For MT 3 users. MT4 users go here. It is easy posting a single entry into your spanking new Photo Gallery blog. Just a few mouse clicks and your picture is for all the world to view. But what if...

How to create a Photo Blog.

After some 4 months of late night slogging and going through my entire collection of swear words several times, I got my photo blog or photoblog up. It is based on Douglas Bowman of Stopdesign templates. They are really beautiful....

Backing up Movable Type

If you having been following up, I have been struggling with a technical issue that is related to my project to install Photo Galleries. From Learning Movable Type there was this tutorial with link to thegirliematters on how to backup...