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Remote Access Authentication

Configuring Windows 2008 for Radius

Fixing Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager

After installation of the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager, you might encounter the home page, reports and policy page cannot be viewed. "The website declined to show this webpage". You need to change the local security settings.

Hitachi Data System SAN

Hitachi Data Storage SAN configuration

Migrating Anti Virus Servers

Working on the Anti Virus Management servers

Working on Primary DNS server

Working on the primary DNS server.

Trend Micro OfficeScan and ServerProtect

Trend Micro OfficeScan and ServerProtect

Promoting Domain Controllers

Promoting Domain Controllers

Symantec Endpoint Protection

Symantec Endpoint Security

Server Hardening

Security hardening using pre-defined templates.

Patching ISA 2004

Procedure to patch ISA 2004 server.

Moving backup to disk folders for Backup Exec 11d

Changing the location of the Backup to Disk folder for Symantec Backup Exec 11d

Backing up VMware ESX 3.02 using Symantec 11d

Backing up VMware ESX 3.02 using Symantec 11d. You will need to open up a few ports for incoming and outgoing traffic. Open files are not backed up and will need to be handled differently.

VMware ESX 3.02

Installing VMware Standard ESX server 3.02 and managing it.

Cloning the HP way

Server Migration Pack, Physical to Proliant

Have you heard of the command SC?

Introduction to SC

HP BladeSystem c-Class

Getting certified as an ASE with blade specialization.

Disaster Recovery and backup software

Prepping two server to demonstrate disaster recovery using Veritas Intelligent Disaster Recovery. Based on track record, not very optimistic but never say die! Read more for update....

Automatic Updates does not work

Recently I found out the hard way that you need to regularly install the patches downloaded by Automatic Updates. Strangely when I decided to click on the yellow shield to install, it kept stuck at "Initializing installation". I have seen...

What they don't teach you in your MCSE course.

I have just completed the server modules for MCSE 2003. Strangely there a few things in the administrator's life that are critical but not listed. I will attempt to cover them here....

Why I blog?

Why I blog

SSL enabled non default Outlook Web Access (OWA)

SSL enable a non default OWA website without DS2MB service overwriting the configuraiton.

IE 7 test drive

After an interesting experience with a user's IE7, thought it will be fruitful to do some test driving myself. Installed the final version of Internet Explorer 7, it took a long time as it was running a check for malicious...

Internet Explorer 7 and Outlook 2003

IE7 and Outlook 2003 coexistence problem.

Error on Technet documentation

The table illustrating the behavour post SP2 and the results of the new ranking algorithm does not match the descriptive text

How not to run a national IT project

Baseline has a major story about a major IT disaster in the UK: 'In 2002, the English government embarked on a $12 billion effort to transform its health-care system with information technology. But the country's oversight agency now puts that figure at $24 billion, and two Members of Parliament say the project is "sleepwalking toward disaster"... In scale, the project... (NPfIT) is overwhelming. Initiated in 2002, the NPfIT is a 10-year project to build new computer systems that would connect more than 100,000 doctors, 380,000 nurses and 50,000 other health-care professionals; allow for the electronic storage and retrieval of patient medical records; permit patients to set up appointments via their computers; and let doctors electronically transmit prescriptions to local pharmacies.

Jeff Papows and Lotus Development Corp

I wonder where is Jeff Papows, author of Enterprise.com, former CEO of Lotus Development now.

Managing customers

Just finished doing a project for an office. Simple cabling project to run the cables on one day, cutover the users on the next. As in all IT projects, sometimes technical issues are not the problem....

The journey to being certified MCSE 2003

Studying and certifying for MCSE 2003

A better Remote Desktop plug in

Ever tried using the Remote Desktop MMC plugin in the Admin Tools folder? Feels great to be able to connect to several servers at one time. But its strength is also its weakness. The server list cannot be sorted or...

About me

I am an IT professional, specializing on Mail systems, mainly Exchange and Lotus Notes. I am also familiar with all versions Microsoft Windows operating systems, SQL 2000 server, ISA 2004 and various brands of firewalls. I have worked 10 years...