Alfred's New Ramblings

Watch your disk size

As hard disk capacity climbs to 1 TB, it is prudent to keep an eye on the disk volume that you create. Windows 2003 has a 2TB limit using Basic disk.  If Guid Partition Tables (GPT) are used, the limit…

Share names and scripts.

I was asked to check a problem with a customer’s login script.  Seems that some of the shares are not appearing on the user computers. At the user end, browsing to the shares does not reveal a problem with permissions,…

SQL Server migration

The databases on a sql server are located in the Data directory.  This is usually located on a non system partition.  So that database growth will not affect system stability.  What happens you got a new spanking SAN?

P1 to E71

Just sidegraded from Sony Ericsson P1 to Nokia E71. Both are very similar under the hood, eg Symbian based. In fact both have identical operating system. The actual implementation is a world of difference.