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Assisted Reality

The in thing now is assisted reality.  It is the addition of man-made elements into a video or picture.

In previous years, Google promoted virtual reality with the use of a smartphone and a headset.  Virtual reality shows a surround virtual environment.  This year, it is assisted reality (AR) using the phone’s main camera with the appropriate software add virtual elements.  For example Storm troopers etc.

The key bit of software is the ARcore app from Google and the virtual elements, ARstickers for Star Wars figures.  Then you get this:

With the usual ingenuity of XDA, the software can be modded for OnePlus 3T.  Use of AR is limited as every app needs to be modded.  After some time, Google added the 3T to the ARcore compatibility list.  link

That opened up to more possibilities, eg ARuler.


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