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Running with Android Oreo Part 2

I was curious about Android 8.1’s Neural Network API, so I upgraded my from Oxygen OS 5.02 to OmniRom.

After 2 days on it, I realized that the apps must be able to support the API and I wasn’t even sure if the stock camera app is able to do any machine learning.

Then stuff started breaking. The first thing I noticed was Llama stopped detecting the cells stations, which means no profiles and actions were activated. Whatsapp replies using Pushbullet don’t get posted. Strangely Pushbullet’s messages work. A reinstall of Pushbullet restored all functionality.

That leaves Llama. The lost of this functionality was grinding on me, so I installed E-robot to take over. Surprise surprise, it could not consistently read the cell information too. I thought maybe it is the OmniRom, not me. I flashed NitrogenOS, an Android Oreo build that is in part based on OmniRom. Everything came back. Llama is back to work, toiling silently in the background, turning on and off WiFi, changing sound profiles.

NitrogenOS is not without its faults. Some builds have a strange behaviour that I am trying to figure out.  The annoying bit is the /data partition is now encrypted.

Android Oreo has its quirks.  The Battery History Details screen is now highly summarized.  The cell, WiFi, Awake graphical info is no longer available.  These are all summarized as figures.

At least I am having Feb 18 security updates.

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