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OnePlus 3T with LineageOS

I used the OnePlus 3T for 3 months on the OxygenOS to have a taste of Google certified Android build.

It has nice features like Double tap the Back button to sleep. There are other features like Shelf, but I did not try that as I was using Action Launcher.

Due to an extremely active mobile battery active in version 4.1.7, I decided to jump to LineageOS. At first, I was apprehensive of getting Singtel Dash to work, but Magisk Hide did a great job. Other apps that need to have root hidden are Pokemon Go, Concur and Grab.

Lineage rising from the ashes of the #christmasmassacre of Cyanogen and CyanogenMod still has the same kernel performance, bad.

I have noticed the battery dipping aggressively. This is after several weeks of monitoring. Sometimes the LineageOS service will be always active for hours. In the end, I flashed Boeffla kernel and battery performance improved.

LineageOS  Boeffla kernel

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2 thoughts on “OnePlus 3T with LineageOS

  1. usws

    Hi, did Singtel Dash (tap & pay at Fairprice, Cold Storage) worked for you on the original ROM as well as Lineage OS on OnePlus 3T?

    I’m running the Beta OnePlus 3T ROM, and tap & pay using Singtel Dash fails.
    Android/Google Pay works however.

    Thank you!

    1. AL Post author

      Hi, I never got to use Dash’s tap & pay function. I have tried entering the price by hand.

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