Stucked WhatsApp messages

After years of faithful service,  OnePlus One digitizer gave up.  As a replacement, I ordered a 3T and after a week of nail biting it arrived. (I still don’t know what is real company name of the shop).  Excitedly, I set up the phone on WiFi, and Google started doing its magic to restore the phone.  At the end of it, almost everything came back.  I could surf the web at faster speed thanks to the SnapDragon 835 processor.

The real test of the phone came later.   The whole family got changed for lunch.  I went to pick up the son from tuition.  I got him to WhatsApp message the rest of the family.  Hmm no response from anyone, not surprising, try calling instead.  Finally, everyone turned up, the Punggol WaterWay car park was overflowing, so I dropped the family off first.  After parking the car, I still did not receive any message on where to eat for lunch.  Used the phone as a phone.

It was after lunch when I realised that all my outgoing WhatsApp messages did not have any ticks and all of them had the clock icon.  I tried restarting the phone and it was still the same.  When I reached home, all messages went out and a tonne of messages came in.  Ooops.

It seems to work in WiFi well, so off to Google for some tips.  All the results said to check the phone network settings.   Yeah, I know it works,   I thought to check the cellular network settings.  In APN it was set to GPRS!! Haha

Changed to  Sunsurf and all is fine.

OnePlus 3T

The backup phone

Years ago, I got a backup phone when I spooked by the negative reports of the OnePlus One. All these turned out to be true and I experienced them (except for the Tech support). Luckily, there seldom if ever I need to to use the backup.

The phone that I got was the original XiaoMi Redmi. Those were the days of flash buys. Hitting F5 to pull the trigger. For the uninitiated, the Redmi is an entry level smartphone, ie lightweight specs. It can do the basic functions well. Remember this was before the popularity of WhatsApp.

Later when the IT Security started putting the screws on the users, I somehow managed to put Mobile Iron and Email+ on it. More luck than skill I think.

Recently after 3 years and some months of hard use, the OnePlus One is very slowly dying. One Sunday, the touchscreen digitizer gave up. I thought maybe the backup phone can save the day.  I had to wait for the next cycle of backup and restore before starting.

The backup file was 627 MB.





The phone free space was 62MB. Tadaaaaa!

The lesson here, make sure the specs of the backup phone is close to the main phone.

Redmi spec