How do you wear your wrist watch?

I wear my watch pretty much the standard way, on the non-dominant hand, with the face of the watch pointing out. I came across a post on Reddit, on why people wear the watches facing in.

That sound neat, why I try this out? Turns out that if you work with the palm of the hands facing downwards or towards you, it is a handy way checking time.

Taking off the back pack, the watch doesn’t how with the shoulder strap.  That is nice.

If you are a keyboard warrior like me, spending hours typing away at the keyboard, the watch face down method, doesn’t help so much.  A quick glance at the wrist, I get the buckle of the watch strap.  I now have to twist the wrist.


Key Performance Index (or KPI) for performance appraisal.

It is the season for appraisal and potentially affecting your bonus. I said potentially as there is anecdotal evidence that those two are inversely proportional to each other.

After a sad episode of trying to reach a resource and only to have all calls, text and chat messages go unanswered. That left me to wonder what would happen if there is a KPI on the speed of response to an email or WhatsApp. Decisions to be made need information. Scheduling tasks need availability information. After all, a business is not a business if it’s internal processes aren’t running smoothly like the gears in a clock.  Sure hot desking or work from home doesn’t mean that you can duck a message from work.

Now the only issue here is measurement. How in the world are you going measure this?