CyanogenMod is dead

Yes, CyanogenMod is dead.  Cyanogen, a failing company, is pulling the plug on CyanogenMod.

CyanogenMod is dead

The open source project for the last 3 years has been taken over by the commercial entity Cyanogen or Cyngn.  This was a company setup by Steve Kondik to go big league.  A serious of missteps ended up here.  You can read about it blow by blow on Reddit and others.

The developers at Cyanogen and CyanogenMod has forked the open source code into a new branch called LineageOS.  At first, I thought this is good for everyone, the show will go on”.  Someone mentioned about chipping in a few dollars to keep the servers running (eg Jenkins the build bot, Web servers for the builds etc).  I was all for it, until I had a second thought what is there to stop what has come to pass?

In the new LineageOS setup, Steve Kondik is involved and rightly he should be since there is no other visible champion.  There must be some kind of governance to prevent another Order 66.


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Carrie Fisher aka Princess Leia is now one with the force.

Carrie Fisher has died at age 60 after suffering a heart attack while on a flight.  Fellow passengers gave her CPR and later rushed to hospital.  Her mother later tweeted Carrie was in ICU.


Carrie Fisher was previously said she wanted her obituary to say “drowned in the moonlight, strangled by her bra”

Carrie Fisher's

May the force be with you #ripcarriefisher #ripcarrie