Tips for running your own home.

So now you have moved to your very own home.  Here is a list of some stuff I have found useful for peace of mind when we started living at our own home.

  1. Don’t turn on the gas stove in the morning.  If you have to, before you leave for work, make sure the cooker hobs are clear of any pots or pans.  This will save you going mad wondering did you turn off the gas.
  2. Turn the front door lock twice when leaving for the day.  Similar.
  3. If your apartment is west facing, a fan with a wall plug timer can help to cool the room.
  4. For kitchen sink without a garbage disposal, do this every month to clear any stuck food debris. In the morning or night, pour 2 caps full of bleach down the sink drain. Seal it tight with the sink filter. Flush it with water 4 or more hours later.  I learned this from CSI.
  5. Empty milk cartons, toilet, and kitchen rolls are excellent building blocks.  You can use to store cables or handphone stands. Or when your kid tells you at 10 pm there is art project due tomorrow morning.
  6. Bread tags are excellent for tagging cables or tracking ends of sticky tapes.
  7. A small toaster oven is an excellent replacement for a microwave oven. Prata, pizza, garlic bread, zhai er (mocked goose), revitalize fried fritters etc.
  8. Don’t throw chipped porcelain plates and bowls.  Use it as the first item in the stack, prevents stains and discoloration.
  9. For takeaway roti prata, save the stains, don’t pour into a bowl. Just open up the bag and sit it in a bowl and dip!
  10. Use a pillow case for storing the bed sheet and quilt covers together.
  11. Keep the toilet door close after your bath/shower to keep the humidity down.
  12. Wash colored and whites separately.  Trust me it is worth the trouble.
  13. The inside collar stains can be removed by scrubbing with hair shampoo.