OnePlus One ghost touch fix

Some eagle eye flasher saw the new Synaptics driver for the OnePlus One going into the CM nightlies for 15 May.  Soon everyone (including me) was falling over themselves to flash this.  Initial reports indicate that there is a definite improvement in the reduction or elimination of ghost touch.  Personally, it fixes my axis recognition problem.  A problem that I did not know I have until someone on HWZ mentioned it. I think this bug affects two handed typists.

If you are running COS12S or CM12.1 nightly, you can add this by doing a fastboot flash of the extracted boot.img file.

If you are running CM11S, you will need a third party kernel like Boeffla.

Otherwise, you can flash the entire 15 May and onward nightlies for the new drivers.

Of course, you wait for the official OTA to be released.

Boeffla Nightly

Update on Android Lollipop

A quick update on my use of Android Lollipop.   Since December 2014, I have tried different flavours of Android Lollipop.  From the truly amateur attempts to collective efforts Blisspop, I have tried them.  With the exception of an instance Google Maps unable to lock on my location, the outcome was surprisingly good.  No major restart or crashes.   There was an embedded video bug, this was addressed in an update to the Webview service.

Unfortunately, on the Google side, that is not the case.  There has been a bug that keeps the mobile radio on far longer than necessary.  Google so far has not addressed this issue.  This affects Android 5.0.1 to 5.1.1.  Yes, it is big.  Since everything else works and the price is just constant recharge, this is way low down in severity.

In the end is choose, Android 5.0 for video and battery or 5.1 for battery problems or just use 4.4.4

I decided to downgrade to KitKat

CM Jira  CM Gerrit  Google


A bad day?

Well, it was a bad day.  Those days where nothing turns out right.  For example yesterday, I met with the UPS vendor and turns out my time slot has been taken up, it is either one week earlier or later.  Earlier would require a scramble of stuff a madness that I usually try to avoid, later would be incurring the wrath of powers to be.

Going back to the office to sort out a billing snafu. It turns out the admin support is on leave, but not on the Outlook status.  Emailed it out and hope to get sorted by Monday.  Switching my focus to another area, the bane of my existence, sign off forms.  Why do people keep messing around with the layout of these forms is simply beyond me.  Look for the right form and fill it right.  I had to undo and redo my corrections.  In the process, killed a few trees.

While juggling with forms, I tried to put in a call to car agent to book a test drive for later in the evening.  No-can-do, only the next day.  So another item on the list crashed.

As I was driving home in the rain, going through my ‘choice’ words for the day’s ‘excellent’ outcome, a Malaysian truck on the extreme right lane decided to left.  All the way to the slip road on the left shoulder.  The truck wasn’t filtering anymore, it was driving across the three lane road.  I was driving up to him and will soon T-bone into it.

Luckily, in the moment of the vocal expressive monologue, my foot has lightened on the accelerator (gas) pedal, giving me an extra second to stomp on the brake and horn. Looks like the ‘choice’ words saved the day.

Much later on, after an hour, I received an SMS that my glasses are ready for collection.  Now with words and the world in focus, looks like it wasn’t so bad after all.