School is out and holidays are here.

As part of the holidays, we got the kids, kick scooters.  The new found freedom lasted till they found the safety helmets hot and itchy.

Since then, as part of the fatherly duties every Sunday morning is to take them to the nearby park connector and scoot over to the nearest McDonald’s to buy breakfast for mom.  At the same time listen to the complains why they need to wear a helmet.

I wonder what would happen if they need to wear knee and elbow guards.

Aviate Launcher battery drain.

Aviate the contextual launcher senses where are you and pops up the appropriate collection of apps for you. Since I don’t really use this feature and it is eating power.  One way to save power is to force it to sleep using Greenify.  The downside is when you are using the phone, you may need to wait for Aviate Launchter to launch itself.

Following the Google Services hack to keep it sleeping, I thought why don’t I deny Aviate Location permissions.  This is what I have done in the first line.

Privacy settings for Aviate


Battery performance, just before naptime. Those regular blocks of awake and screen on is the alarm going off.

Start of Aviate overnight test

Just after naptime.

After Aviate overnight test


The period just after charging stops shows little if any wakelocks.  I think I will keep this setting.

Taking a big leap backwards to 25R

OnePlus Logo

After playing with the latest update One+ One update 38R, I have decided to go back to old update 25R.  This is to see if battery life is really that great.  38R so far has came in around 24 hours for battery life, whereas in 22R I managed to clock over 30 hours.

Downgrading the lazy way or dirty flashing I thought should be a straight forward fastboot flash.  It was except that I forgot to put in required files in the right places causing an error.  The phone was permanently stuck on boot and I could not get into fastboot mode.

Did I just killed the phone?


No.  Fastboot mode is activated by pressing volume up and power.  Reverse from Samsung.  Flashed again and the phone boots up normally.

If anyone is interested, I used this modified script.

@echo off
echo ######### This patch is Created by ONEPLUS Technical Support. #######
echo ###### This patch should only be used for ONEPLUS ONE 64GB Global Version. ######
@echo off

rem fastboot oem unlock

rem fastboot erase persist

rem fastboot flash persist persist.img
rem fastboot erase reserve4
rem fastboot flash reserve4 reserve4.img
fastboot flash boot d:\25r\boot.img
rem badidea fastboot flash userdata userdata_64g. img
fastboot flash system d:\25r\system.img
rem badidea fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

fastboot flash cache d:\25r\cache.img

fastboot flash modem d:\25r\NON-HLOS.bin

fastboot flash sbl1 d:\25r\sbl1.mbn

fastboot flash dbi d:\25r\sdi.mbn
fastboot flash aboot d:\25r\emmc_appsboot.mbn

fastboot flash rpm d:\25r\rpm.mbn
fastboot flash tz d:\25r\tz.mbn

fastboot flash LOGO d:\25r\logo.bin
rem badidea fastboot oem lock
fastboot reboot

echo It is done Now 🙂

The lines for user data, recovery and oem lock are protected against find and replace by badidea tag.