Team work or sole glory.

As the Lunar New Year is around the corner, the thought of starting the New Year (kai nian) with the customer was on my mind.  Need to investigate the logistics of organizing a Lo Hei.  An old memory came rushing back.

The guilty shall remain anonymous.

It was just after Chinese New Year and the big boss gave a directive to all heads have a Lo Hei with the customer before starting work.  Ok nothing strange about that.  There was an scheduled afternoon meeting.   My boss and I were in the office, I was thinking of car pooling with him.  He said go ahead first, as he has something on.  I was thinking this is strange, as there is much time left for a “something on”.  So I jumped on a cab  for a journey to the far end of Singapore.  And a boat ride.

Later on at the customer site,my boss told the rest of our team, he specially went out of the way to organize the logistics for the Lo Hei with the customer.  The kicker was he made it as if it was a huge effort.  I don’t doubt it, those extra family size pizza boxes are big and fragile.  Why did he have to sneaking around to do this?  He could have easily grab a few staff or me to help him.   Since these are top level people, low level staffers like me will never be included, so there are no faces to save.

I have always considered this act as grabbing all the glory. That defining moment made me realize my boss was never a team player.

Recovery Manager and USB storage

The recovery manager in Android is a pre-boot software that enables you to flash new ROMs, clear caches, mount partitions etc.  It usually comes with a file manager so that you can navigate the folders.  The manager is usually operated using the volume key and the power button. Some versions of recovery manager are touch enabled.  So that you can operate the recovery manager using touchscreen controls.  Nice 🙂

What I have totally forgotten to explore is that there is a important feature when the brown stuff hits the fan.  In “Mount and Dismount” section, there is a “Mount USB storage”.  When enabled, your phone will appear as a USB drive in your computer.  You can then copy the necessary files over to your phone without the use of a SD card or ADB commands!

I should have use this feature when trying to downgrade from OmniROM to CM10.2

This feature is in the popular  ClockWork Mod (CWM), latest version  and  Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP).

In Conversation 10

In conversation with my daugther, 11

Me: “Look, its your teacher!”

Dau: “How did he come here?”

Me: “He flew over”

Dau: “Using what?”

Me: “Cape or magic carpet”

Dau: “Where is he going to keep that?”

Me: “In the back pack or Hermione’s magic bag!”

Strange things professional bloggers do.

I was reading Google+ communities when I noticed there are quite a few posts about the new WordPress 3.8  Not the usual what features are there or how to do do this?  Rather is it safe to upgrade?

Safe to upgrade?  As a professional blogger, the blog is your rice bowl, meal ticket.  Take a leaf from the software development playbook. Test out any new software in a staging environment.  When nothing breaks and/or works to your satisfaction, then and only then do it on the production website.


New Year, New things.

I baked my first bread ever, on New Year’s day,  2014.  Kneaded by the kids.  Have to learn to be very patient.

First time baking bread on New Year's Day, 2014
First time baking bread

Analysis: I think I baked it too long.  Need to shorten the time in the oven.  Note I have already cut off 5 minutes and baking at a lower temperature. (180 instead of 190).