The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

I was browsing through Google + when I came across a post on the Four Agreements. There is quite a bit of existential stuff. If you were sieved it out and stick to the main points gives you some clarity. The Four Agreements as interviewed by Oprah Winfrey.

Agreement #1 : Why You Should Always Be Impeccable with Your Word


Agreement #2 : How to Not Take Things Personally.

Agreement #3: Don’t make assumptions

Agreement #4: Always do your best


Mobile WiFi

A mobile WiFi, is the key connection happiness. When you are out and about and  you need Internet access for your notebook, a quick solution is to do WiFi tethering with your smartphone.  For some people this option is not available or sustainable.  Some work locations have restrictions on camera phones which pretty much rules out nearly all smartphones.  Your handphone data plan may be capped at 1 or 2GB.

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May 27 2013

That is the day when WordPress is 10 years old.  I started playing on and off with web logs in 2002.   At that time web logs or blogging was in its infancy. I was exploring the technology of self publishing using MovableType .  All my previous experience with web content creation were through the atrocious FrontPage and Adobe Dreamweaver.

The concept of putting all that code on the web server and have it generate all the web pages for you were at the very least technically interesting.  For non techy casual web content creaters, a god send.  And blogging took off.  This is my first official post on then Movable Type 3.1

I stayed with MovableType as long as I could.  In the end the writing was on the wall.  To keep the internal links updated, I have to regularly re-pubish the whole site.  I finally moved over to WordPress on 1 Jan 2009.


So long, farewell to CM10.1

I upgraded from CM10 to CM10.1, specifically MCM’s version of CM10.1 with Siyah 4 kernel on 20 Dec 12.  After a harrowing few minutes of flashing an incompatible kernel. I got it too boot.  Hurray, I now get to have PhotoSphere and other nice goodies, like the pull down quick settings.

As time goes by, some bugs started crawling out of the woodwork.  There was the  GPS distance calculation bug, that was fixed in January 13.  Others like the display bug persist.  If the brightness were to be turned down, manually or via automatic, it can never be turned up.  The only way to clear this bug is to reboot.  At zero brightness, out in the open, a daunting challenge.

Other bugs include a noticeably lag when trying to do data entry.  Swype takes a noticeable delay to pop up the keyboard.  Whatsapp has a tendency to crash and require a force close.  Overall, battery performance was degraded compared to CM10.

I persist until one day when the brightness bug got to me.  I  flashed the stock CM10.1, hoping to stay with the latest goodness.  From a fully charged battery, after 2 hours, I lost 50% of my battery strength and the phone turned into a heater.  On 26 Mar 13, I decided enough is enough and moved back to CM10.

It seems that all development has been shelved and the developers has gone to CM10.1   The only version I could find was MCM ROM again. This time no more brightness bug!  Some may ask why not get the developer involved and fix the bug?  The problem is that MCM has gone MIA for so long that XDA has shut down the thread.

Now on CM10, the battery performance is better and response for Swype snappier.  Now if only Google Now is not a battery hog.

Its a good day.

This Wednesday started with a bang when I realised that I forgot to pay a credit card bill last night.  I quickly hustled everyone out of bed so that I get to the ATM.  Imagine my horror when I could not find the credit card.  After several minutes of retracing my usage over the past few days and Easter weekend, I realized that on Friday lunch, I had left it at a fast food outlet.

A quick search turn up the outlet phone number (a rarity these days) and after several nervous minutes, the manager confirmed that the card is with them.   I dashed over trying to beat the morning rush hour traffic.  The very nice manager verified my id and I got the card back. An OCBC card holder out there is missing a card too.

In the late afternoon, I received a call from a recruiter for a position that I thought was long gone.  She asked if I am still interested, and to send her my updated resume.

Overall a good day.

Google Play: Update cannot download due to error 413

During the Easter weekend, I encountered an error while trying to update Evernote.  Originally I thought it was due to the 3G connection.  Going by Wi Fi I got the same result.  The rest of my apps I could uninstall and reinstall with no problems.  I put it on the back burner thinking that it was a Google Play issue.

Today (Mon 1 Apr), I tried to update again with the same problem.  According to the Evernote user reviews, there were other people with no problems installing and updating.  Hmmm.  my Lemon expense app have a similar 413 problem too.  See below.

Google Play Update  error 413

Time to get cracking.

So after gathering all the tips from the Internet, I have done the following:

  1. Cleared Play Store app updates, Clear Data and Cache.
  2. Cleared Google Play Services and  Data.
  3. Cleared Google Services Framework and Data (<Never do this, here is why link)
  4. Cleared Download Manager  and Downloads.
  5. Reboot to Recovery and cleared the cache.

All this to no success.  I checked with Twitter friend @richxiong, he suggested this thread.  I checked my APN settings and it was set to MiWorld WAP (GPRS).  A quick switch to M1’s Sunsurf Internet, the apps swiftly downloaded and installed.

Android APN settings

In summary, if you encountered an error 413 while trying to update/install an app from Google Store, this is most likely due to your phone Internet settings or APN.  The app contains an installation pre-requisite that a 3G or faster connection.

The change in APN settings, was most likely caused by me testing AntTek Quick Settings app (for some pseudo CM10.1 goodness).

Update 12 Aug 13

Another possible reason for this error is that you have multiple accounts configured on your Phone and Play Store does not know which to use.  Inside Play, check Settings> Accounts is selected correctly.  If it still does not download, try removing your Google Account, reboot and add it back.  This is a very safe procedure.

Update 26 Sep 13

I wiped my phone to downgrade from CM10.2 to CM10.1  When I power up, I went through the usual first boot experience.  Little did I know Google was pushing down all my apps from Play store.  MobileOne default APN is GPRS and lots of apps failed to download.   For example Flipboard caused an error 923.

Google Play Update error 923
Play store error 923

A quick change of APN settings to the 3G ‘sunsurf”,the app downloaded smoothly and installed.