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I hate giving tips to tour guides.  What’s up with this practice.  The guide takes you from tourist trap to another where you will be fleeced and the guide gets a kick back.  I am expected to give a tip for all this?

Until I visited South Korea.

Alex, local agent for CS Travel

Surviving overseas trips with picky eaters.

Milo to the rescue for picky eaters

We brought the whole family overseas to South Korea for a tour.  It was a bus tour of various places that I can’t pronounce.

The kids are picky eaters,  not so adventurous food wise.  Anything that is not familiar, they will just withdraw and stare at it.  At the recommendation of the tour agency, we packed some instant noodles. Based on a previous lesson learned in Hong Kong, I went one step further.

  1. 7 cups of instant noodles
  2. Disposable eating utensils, plastic spoons and wooden chopsticks.
  3. Milo 3 in 1 in individual packs.
  4. Gardenia’s California Raisin Bread. Its a bus tour.

At lunch stops, most restaurants are willing to fry an egg or in our case eggs for free or nominal charge (1000 won ~S$1).  I further supplement with packs of pastries for the nearest grocery store.

Even with all these precautions, this still comes in handy, Ediya‘s hot chocolate only 2300 won (~S$2)

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