MCM Android 4.2.1 ROM with Siyah 4

I have been using the CM 9 and later 10 version of ROM.  I came across several posts about Siyah kernel giving better battery performance.

When Android 4.1.2 came out for MCM’s built, I thought I check it’s vsync performance and Siyah’s battery. The nightly ROM is 20 Dec 2012 with MCM’s version of Siyah 4.

23 Dec 12

23 Dec 12 overnight with MCM ROM and Siyah 4 kernel

Start 89%, end 63% or 26% for 8 hr 29min or 3.05%

27 Dec 12

27 Dec 12 overnight with MCM ROM and Siyah 4 kernel

26 Dec, 96% start and 71 % end. 25% for 7hr 6min or 3.5%


MCM ROM and Siyah 4 kernel


28 Dec overnight drain with WiFi and Google Now on.  100% on start, 85% at end.  Drain was 15% over 7h 9m or 2.1% per hr.


Android in 2013: What I want.

I saw an article on what to expect from Android in 2013.  So I wrote on a list on what I expect in the Android world.

  1. I wish the mid and lower tier (by market and cost) handset makers would improve on their build quality and battery life.  There are lots of  manufacturers that provide very unique handsets, no camera (iNO), ultra large screens (Oppo, Meizu..).  If they can tackle the battery life, the market share will grow.
  2.  Somebody please kill NFC. Or change it to a store value card to give it a much needed kick start. Store value cards has smaller hurdles to jump.
  3. Apps developers, please please please follow the Android guide. There are lots of great apps with crappy interfaces.
  4. Better integration between Gmail and Contacts. It is a real pain to create/update a contact inside Gmail.
  5. Contacts search UI, needs improving.
    When search for a person’s name, the closest matches are displayed.  If the searched name is not in the dictionary,  pressing on a match result will not open that link.  Instead it will jump to closest match in the dictionary.To get around this, you have to pass the spell check first, then click on the desired entry.  Even it is the first entry.



Things I learn in 2012

  1. Always save for a rainy day, with an eye on inflation.
  2. Always keep your certification current,  even if they are of no current use.
  3. Regularly replace your computer/s so that you can fulfill 1.
  4. Keep your resume current. Sometimes unrelated things blow up and may affect you. link
  5. Never put your employer on your Facebook account. Your personal business can become “conduct unbecoming” and thus a case for termination.  link link    Another case.  link  link
  6. If you have an Linkedin account, you might want to try obfuscation.
  7. Rooting and flashing new ROMs for Android phones is fun!
  8. Running 3 times a week for an hour will loose you some weight. 8kgs for me.
  9. Salary negotiation requires you to keep a cool head, a closed mouth and no blinking!

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Google Apps is no longer free.

Google Apps offers the suite of Google’s applications for the business.  You can move your mail and files to the convenience of the cloud.  Add the power of Google search, getting things done is never easier.  I like have my Google personal mail so much that I even move my personal domain mail to Google Apps.

Google Apps used to have this really attractive offer for up to 5 users, you have all of the above for free.  This is now changed to USD$5/ user/ month.