HP getting back into phone business?

HP had a series of Windows CE based PDAs and a few had GSM radios.  That line, iPAQ died when the Palm Computing handhelds took off.  HP later took over the Palm Computing line and the WebOS.  That later evolved into the TouchPad which was launched and killed in nearly the same month.

Now, several CEOs since the iPAQ, Meg Whitman is thinking of going back into the smartphone business.  The options are not great:

  1. Windows Mobile – need to pay licensing fees to Microsoft, potentially going head to head with Nokia.
  2. WebOS – same as the TouchPad, need community support, currently very small.
  3. Android – This is a very congested market.

The winner is this ?

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New Theme called Oxygen

I was using the Erudite theme for more than a year.   That was centered towards the written blog post.  This Oxygen theme is suppose to be picture friendly. Right now I am trying to tune the pictures.  Apologies for the eyesore.

All stop All stop !!!

Everything in the tech and phone users is grinding to a halt on Thurs 12 Sep 12 as Apple is widely expected to announce a successor to the iPhone 4S.


A round up of the day’s activities is available here. link

A hands on video of the iPhone 5 is available here link

Comparison of iPhone 5 and 4s from GSMArena link

(Cheat sheet: longer display 123.8mm vs 115.2mm, thinner and lighter with all the different 3G and LTE covered.  Different models for different regions.)

video from Apple. link

Are you an Instagrammer?

Just how rabid a fan are you?  Some one has decided to commission for a set wedding photos shot on iPhone, published on Instagram.  This may sound cool and very hip, but just how long can you look at the results of the filtered photos?

Old photos look old because of the limitations of film and print processing.  Digital photography, there is nearly none.

There other points to consider, size and quality of the iPhone camera sensor etc. Check out the commentary here and the album.

Personally, in this year, most of my photos were taken with a Samsung Galaxy SII.  mainly because it is there with me when I am out and about. Not to mention it is so much easier to share the moment compared to a  PNS.


Cyanogenmod 10

CyanogenMod 10 or CM10,  more popularly known as Jelly Bean or Android 4.1 is currently facing a driver issue. The closed sourced driver is required to implement Project Butter.  Otherwise no Project Butter.

See discussion here on XDA Developers.


Patent Wars

Apple sued Samsung in the US, Korea and Japan for violating their patents.  Some of them include the basic shape of a rectangle with rounded corners.  Strange that a patent was actually issued for that.

In the US, Apple won US$1 billion in damages and seek to ban 8 and later 3 more devices from US market.

Details here  link  link

In Korea, Apple was found to infringe on two of Samsung’s patents and Samsung one.

SEOUL—A South Korea court on Friday delivered a split decision in its piece of the global legal battle between Apple Inc. AAPL +0.21% and Samsung Electronics Co. 005930.SE +1.48% over mobile computing patents.

A three-judge panel in Seoul Central District Court said Apple infringed two Samsung technology patents, while Samsung violated one of Apple’s patents. The court awarded small damages to both companies and said they must halt sales of the infringing products in South Korea.

None of the banned products are the latest models of Samsung or Apple devices.

The court also ruled that there was “no possibility” that consumers would confuse Samsung and Apple smartphones, and that Samsung’s smartphone icons don’t infringe Apple’s patents.

Details here link

In Japan, Apple lost.

Apple Inc. lost a patent lawsuit in Japan as a Tokyo judge ruled that Samsung Electronics Co. (005930) smartphones and a tablet computer didn’t infringe on an Apple invention for synchronizing music and video data with servers.

Apple was ordered by Tokyo District Judge Tamotsu Shoji today to pay costs of the lawsuit after his verdict, the latest decision in a global dispute between the technology giants over patents used in mobile devices. Samsung shares rose, erasing earlier losses.

“It’s hard to believe the products belong to the range of technologies of the claimant,” Shoji said in dismissing Apple’s case.

Details here

What does it mean for the consumer?  If you are living in the US, you might want to start buying a Samsung Galaxy SIII, since it is like an iPhone and cheaper!!

If you are in Singapore, there is no impact as the market here is too small to affect anything.  Unless somehow the freely available unlocked phones were to tip the scales. (IDA requires all mobile phones sold in Singapore to unlocked and not tie to any carrier.)

RF stock picture from fotosearch.com