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I regularly check the visitor logs for the blog.  Mainly to see who else, besides myself is reading it.

There is the National Library Board Web archival crawler (very cool!), some Ukrainian crawler (hmm?) and these guys.

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Certifications and you.

Have you checked what is the state of your IT certifications? Ok, now have you checked what is the market expectations of your IT certifications? That is not so easy right?

Employers are now expecting all project managers to be PMP certified. This certification is to put it mildly, very taxing.

16 Apr 2012

How many paper towels do you use?

How many paper towels do you use to dry your hands?



I can’t wait for the part on toilet paper.  Who is he?

R.P. Joe Smith served as District Attorney for Umatilla County and is the former chair of the Oregon Democratic Party. He was the Executive Assistant to the Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives and held a short interim position in the Oregon House of Representatives. An active lawyer in a private practice, he once famously ran for the position of Oregon Attorney General without soliciting a single contribution over $99.99.




When started in the IT industry, certain things were niggling me.  Like what was the best practice for running an IT operations.  In the pre Yahoo days, there simply none to be found.

With the advent of search engines, learning from others got easier.  ITIL version 1 caught my eye, but with its numerous books, I thought best let it mature a little.  Now in its third version, the various processes and its interactions are much clearer defined.

Today I kick started my ITIL journey by passing the Foundation exam.

Now there are some parts of ITIL like Service Operations that I have done day in day out for seems like eternity.  Should I do that next?

After some thought on the bottom up approach, I won’t be seeing new things, just new ways of doing old things.  Perhaps a top down approach may be better, starting with Service Strategy.



What is your LinkedIn profile Headline?

For the longest time, I have put IT Enabler as my LinkedIn Headline.  Why?  Time and time again, I have seen lots of folks misusing IT, not recouping their investments.  That sounds way better than “Experienced Project Manager” Anyway that is for a rainy day post.

I just saw this on LinkedIn.