Run 350 by NTUC

To celebrate Earth Day, NTUC organized a run from the Floating Barrage@ Marina Bay on 22 Apr 12.  This was the third year with the new  addition of the 21km distance.

There were 21km, 10km, and a kids run 350m.  I took part in the 21km, flag off was at 6am.  This is the first time I took a race shuttle bus.  That means waking up at 3am for the 4.15am bus.  I have to walk/jog the 6 bus stops to the pick up point.  The bus reached the start point with an hour to spare, I picked a corner and caught some zzzs.

The race flag off at 6am was done in stages due to safety reasons.  The narrow pedestrian bridge to the F1 pits building limited the number of runners.  Thereafter was a wide track towards Nicholl Highway Station (CC5).  On the Nicholl Highway, one side of the expressway towards city was closed for the race.  The organizers split that into 2 halves.  We  started running towards Middle Road, U turn and run towards Indoor Stadium.  We are now sharing the same road with runners in the back with a bunch of cones to separate us!  Bad.

By the time we reached Mountbatten Road and Stadium Boulevard, the main pack had taken over the whole road, outbound and inbound.   The motorcycle and bike escorts had to clear a way for the leaders were coming back.

The run round the Indoor Stadium was uneventful, though the humps made by the temporary decking could have been lower.  The inbound route took us back towards Nicholl Highway Station (CC5), merging with the 10km runners.  Another  U turn before splitting off toward Crawford Street to run round Kallang Riverside Park  The final return was a 3km sprint via the Marina Park, starting from under Merdeka bridge towards the start point.

Overall the race was reasonably organized.  There were plenty of water and isotonic drink stops staffed with lots of volunteers.  The inbound and outbound lane segregation was poor.  The metal fencing were delivered to Marina area, but were not deployed.  This needs to be improved.  On other half/full  marathons, SBR/MBR, SCB etc there were some cheerleaders giving some entertainment.  For a run commemorating Earth Day, one would thought there will be cheerleaders to cheer the runners on.  In the end,  it was just another ground pounding session.

Personally, my own race was very slow.  I was off training and back on a few days before the race.  At the start I was running too fast and had to slow down to catch my breath.  Midway, I managed to find a pacer to ‘reset’ and complete.
At the 19km mark, I felt my muscles tensing up. My right knee had strange fluttering. I eased back and walk-a-jog to the F1 Pit building.

Run: NTUC Run 350
Date: 22 Apr 12
Distance: 21 km
Timing: 2 hr 28 mins

Class projects

You take night classes and the homework is to research on a company and do a group presentation.  The team sit down, trash out the issues, chopped up the action items and do up a schedule.  The next time you meet, you discovered half of the team had done as discussed.  The other half had gone on and do their own thing.

What happened?

Well, did the team had a basic minutes of meeting detailing what was discussed and who to do what by when?  Did the team agree on how updates are done? Using what?

This sounds like…….. work! The horrors!!

Of course it does.  Why should it be any different in teams at work and teams working on their night class projects.  Both are teams and projects.

Take a page from the workplace playbook and save yourself a tonne of grief. Minutes of meeting are not just for show. They are also used for ensuring action items are assigned and received, completed and reviewed.

Teams means having more hands and a diverse point of views. To smooth the wheels of collaboration, there should be standardize templates and tools for communication etc. Otherwise all the creative efforts will become screams of frustration.

Or maybe a project manager for the night class project.


A friend of mine posted a easy to make Tiramisu recipe.  The strange part here is that she doesn’t drink and a Tiramisu is alcoholic.  She said can make it without the liquor.  That got me thinking.

Why go half way, why not all the way.  Drop the liquor, change the coffee to Milo and we have.  Milomisu! Kids friendly!

Ingredients for 4 cups.

  1. Philadelphia cream cheese 250ml, room temp
  2. 3 cream crackers (Soda)
  3. Unsweetened Milo drink, cooled.
  4. 1/2 cup of icing sugar.  You can use fine sugar.
  5. Some Milo powder for dusting.


  1. Soak the cream crackers in the Milo.  These takes approximately 15 minutes.
  2. Beat the cream cheese and slowly mix in the icing sugar.  If you are using icing sugar, you will need to beat till it melts.
  3. Check for sweetness.
  4. When ready, tear off some of the soaked biscuits to line the base of the cups.  Pour or pipe the cheese in.
  5. Put on another layer of soaked biscuits. Pour or pipe the cheese.
  6. Repeat until complete.
  7. Cover and refrigerate overnight.
  8. Before serving, dust some Milo powder on top.

Bon Appetit

If you like me are not keen on piping, you can spoon in the cheese and gently slam the cup on the counter. Not too hard or the cheese will fly out.  Gently so that the cheese flatten out in the cup.  Plastic cups highly recommended.

 Gordon Ramsay’s easy Tiramisu

Google Apps for Business

The service provider that host this website  enables a few email accounts for communication. After years of battling spam using Outlook spam filters and Mail Washer, I have thrown in the towel when the notebook harddisk died along with all the downloaded mail.

I have decided to move the mail to the cloud.  Google cloud or Google Apps, free for 1 to 3 accounts.  Google Apps for Business for larger setups.

Since the move, I get clean email without a single spam mail.  AaaaH bliss.

Problems with Blackberry

Research In Motion or RIM the makers of the once ubiquitous tool of any corporate warrior seems to have several missteps.

The next version of the BlackBerry operating system has been delayed several times and name changed.

I read with much sadness that their new models line up will now shrink to from 3 models to just one.

Hit the links at the bottom for a longer discussion.  In the mean time some much more cheery.


link, RIM is dead.